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14 October 2019

Radiomar at IADC 3rd General meeting

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    Monday, 14 October 2019
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    Monday, 14 October 2019
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Radiomar Eletrônica Naval was present at the third General Meeting of the IADC, where he presented in conjunction with his zenitel parcera the theme AGE OF INTELLIGENT COMMUNICATIONS.

The theme addressed the importance of updating our Internal Communications systems so that it can fulfill its primary function with excellence, which is to ensure the safety of the crew on board.

This update involves converting analog technology, which does not have a sufficient degree of monitoring for an IP system, where monitoring the conditions of the output loops and its components takes place in real time, sharply reducing fault time finding and consequent fault solution, with partial isolation of the defective stretch without making the total system interruption.

The greatest financial benefit of this migration is due to the use of the cabling infrastructure and existing speakers, which is the most sensitive part of the cost of an internal communications system.

Facilities such as selective communication were also presented between the advertiser and the message receiver without the need to make a public announcement, in addition to office integration - vessel when this modernization is made.


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